Because every agent needs a sassy gay quartermaster.
Ignore that, it's just the people at work playing with my data. I'm your new Quartermaster, so leave a message if you have any inquiry.
Oh, and if you happen to see 007, remind him to bring back all of his equipment in one piece once he finishes his current mission.

Current Magic!Anon: None.
RP blog for Q from Skyfall, played by Ben Whishaw. Mun ships 00Q, go figure, but willing to roleplay with other non-Bond characters.
Everything is AU unless said otherwise, that is, what happens with one character usually won't affect what happens with the rest.
Mun is 27 + Muse is 29 = NSFW blog
And no, I don't tag anything that I don't feel like tagging.
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Sassy Gay Q

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I always wonder how people found my Tumblr.

I wonder why they clicked onto my page specifically.

I wonder what makes them click the ”Follow” button.

I wonder who actually keeps up with my Tumblr.

I wonder who actually enjoys my Tumblr.

I wonder if I’m anyone’s Tumblr crush.


You can come confess if you want……

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